interrog. adv. why, wherefore, whether; in direct questions, = nonne, nonquid; þá þu gehogodest sæcce sécan, ac þu gebettest mǽrum þéodne when thou resolvedst to seek warfare, hadst thou compensated the great prince?;
[ak] conj 1. but; 2. for, because; ne se ǽglǽca ieldan þóhte, ac hé geféng hraðe slǽpendne rinc nor did the wretch mean to delay, for he quickly seized a sleeping warrior; 3. but also, but yet, moreover, nevertheless, however; \ac gif unless, except; ná lǽs…\ac éac not only…but also; ná lǽs woruld men, ac éac swilce þæt Dryhtnes éowde not only men of the world, but also the Lord's flock;

Old to modern English dictionary. 2013.

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